Tough Beginning

When we face tough obstacles that no earthly means can overcome we have no choice but turn to God for help. Indeed when I look at the troubles around the world, most of them I consider to be serious, or dire. If there is a time that we need to be close to God, this is it. However, some people grow apart from God, or even curse God when conditions are tough. I supposed that applied to me for a period of my life.

I had a difficult young adult life suffering from a severe form of Social Anxiety. At that time I often questioned why I had to be the one suffering. Other people seemed to be enjoying their prime of life, while I was isolated to a single room where I can claim as a safe space. Eventually even that was taken away from me because panic attacks found me right in my room.

It took me a great deal of courage to seek help, because it was just easier to hide my problems. Outward I appeared to be a successful technology worker, but inward I cried for help. To get that help I had to admit to my doctor that I was sad and miserable.

I did not realize at the time but I had a miraculous recovery in a short period of three months. I shed much tears telling my stories to my therapists, and I worked with them, not hiding anything, and trusted that things will improve throughout that time.

I knew I made tremendous progress, but my insurance was about to run out. Could I stand on my own without further help? My main therapist said “yes”, and surprisingly bid me fair-well on one day. One door closed in my life, but a new door opened. I have regained my life, finally!

I found myself had to admit that God might exist, because I did not have to do that “I believe” stuff to be saved. Just saying “I need help” was enough, thankfully.


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