A Homelesss Person’s Sharing

Last Saturday I was serving in a local soup kitchen when one of our clients approached me and pulled me aside. He had finished his meal and wanted to talk to me. He appeared to be in his 50s, sturdy, and cleanly dressed.

He said, “we homeless people are good people, except when we are addicted, then we become bad. It could be alcohol, gambling, or drugs. We are constantly struggling against them. Please remember us and our problems.”

I was touched by what he shared, so I patted his back and said, “I will.”

He waved to the few volunteers he knew, and left the place.

That night I thought about this encounter. The time I gave at the soup kitchen was just two hours out of a Saturday, but the gift this homeless man gave me was a piece of his life and his struggles. I seemed to have received more in return.

I prayed in response before I slept.

Heavenly father, thank you for what you let me see today. What we do is very little, but what you gave us is much more. Let us serve in gladness and with love. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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