New Series!

I am a lowly servant of Jesus. I have felt the call to spread the news that God has never hated gays, at least not the ones who wanted to be God’s blessed children. Indeed God’s deeds have been great, as we see the progress of marriage equality move across our country. Their requests were simple, to let their love be recognized, and to carry the responsibilities and blessings of marriage, just like the rest of us could take part. Indeed we have seen that even the common men knew that love is not a sin. If the partners of a gay marriage can have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and faithfulness then there is no condemnation. We pray for it to be true – Amen!

Earlier this year I conducted my research into why the Scripture seemed to be hostile to gays. It was said that there were these “clobber” verses in the Bible, and a Bible wielder could use as a hammer to strike down on the heads of any gay couple who could accidentally wander into a church service. In fact the Bible was never intended to be used as a knife, a hammer, or as an instrument of harm. If we use it such a way, then we bring judgment onto ourselves. If Jesus were with us, wouldn’t he say “What’s it be with you that the gays are with us? How much different are between you, but the way to me are the same. Carry my cross and follow me!”

It was a few months ago I pondered about the challenges of these clobber verses, that I have heard the same message: “Carry my cross and follow me.” It did not matter that 22 translations out of 23 all had similar wordings. We still must gather the lost lambs of God back to churches that are willing to welcome them. Don’t be discouraged that these churches could be run-down ones that are full of old folks. God will show more grace to the spiritually poor ones, as opposed to the money filled ones, even when all claim to be Christians.

The thanks-giving season is almost upon us. Let this season be filled with thanks giving, and let the strife be sent back to where it belongs. May love be with you all in Christ Jesus.


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