Marriage as Blessing from God

The question of marriage for same sex couples has reached our highest court. What do Christians think of this issue? I am sure there are a range of opinions given the difference of conservative and progressive denominations. But I think all would agree that Marriage is a blessing from God.

Many people have received this blessing with gladness. But should we intercept this blessing intended for someone else just because we do not think they are worthy of it?

How little confidence do we have of God if we deny the right of God to bestow blessings.  If a marriage is based on love and sacrifice who’s to say that God can’t bless it?

Looking into one Scripture example at the end of the Book of John we see Peter having some intense curiosity about the fate of John.  Peter wanted to know if John was to receive a thumb up or thumb down sign from Jesus.  Fittingly Jesus answered that it was none of Peter’s business.

To follow the never ending love of Jesus should have been enough.  When we provide that love it should not be abstract, or conditional.  Love should be real, solid, and making a difference when it matters.


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