Our Voices Will Not Be Silenced

Heavenly father, we lift up a mother’s testimony to you. We share her concerns with our community. Lord let your Holy Spirit cleanse out our worldly prejudice so every teen who come out can be recognized as a beloved child of God. May truth guide our honest dialogues. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

knitting soul


In 1988, I met Jesus on a muddy hillside in Pennsylvania.

I had caught glimpses before, but there, with the smell of pine needles and the body odor of a few hundred unwashed humans, I saw him clearly and I fell in love. I had been raised in the Church, but it took a long haired man in jeans and a t-shirt to tell the story in a way that broke through my teen mind and show me just how much God loved me.

I stood on that hillside, tears running down my cheeks, my normally loud voice quietly whispering the prayer that I finally understood. I experienced something revolutionary in those woods, and was unable to turn away. I had felt the love of a Parent who would never turn their face from me, and I was changed. A voice that wanted to speak that love to others was awakened…

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