Causes of Anxiety Disease

Do you know that almost one out of five people are dealing with some issues of anxiety? Anxiety related issues need not be a disease that are hidden from other people.  With this many people going through the same problems we should able to share our personal experiences and help people dealing with anxieties.

For anxiety to reach clinical level of severity it usually follows a set sequence of progressions.


Any life event that introduce stress into our life could become the originator of anxiety problems.  Many people acknowledge stressful situations and successfully deal with them.  It is when we pretend that the stress does not exist that we can get into trouble.

Suppression of Negative Emotions

Perhaps we have been taught that we must persevere to combat through challenges, or that we must be strong in all conditions.  This could cause us to sweep the stress under the rug.  The accumulated stress, tension, and anxiety are still present, but they are held back by the strength of our will.  In the short term this approach allows us to combat through difficulties.  However, we can only hold back stress for a limited amount of time until all that hidden emotions come back out with great force.

Negative Self-Talk

When we suffer a performance failure due to exposed anxiety we can come under a pattern of thinking called “Negative Self-Talk”.  Some of it can even sound logical.  If we had difficulty performing under one condition, such as hiding a bus, then we might believe that we will always have difficulties riding a bus.  Such negative self-talks can make our anxieties worse than what it might have been.

An Incidence of Panic Attack

When we face unbearable stressful situations there is a chance that we can suffer a physical reaction known as a panic attack.  I remember one time I had a panic attack on the university campus.  I was just walking toward my next class, but I noticed some students looking at me.  I must have thought they found me abnormal in some ways.  A sudden fear gripped me, and I felt an unbearable panic building up.  I just had to get out of that situation in a hurry.

Avoidance Behavior

With the experience of a panic attack, suffers of anxiety disease starts to avoid certain activities that have previously triggered panic attacks.  However, coping by hiding does not really address some of the root issues.

Treatments are Usually Effective

Fortunately, once people with anxiety problems seek professional help they can find effective treatments.  There are medications that eases panic symptoms.  Often an experienced psychologist can treat anxiety disease without medications.  We just need to learn to deal properly the factors that are the source of our problems.


Marriage as Blessing from God

The question of marriage for same sex couples has reached our highest court. What do Christians think of this issue? I am sure there are a range of opinions given the difference of conservative and progressive denominations. But I think all would agree that Marriage is a blessing from God.

Many people have received this blessing with gladness. But should we intercept this blessing intended for someone else just because we do not think they are worthy of it?

How little confidence do we have of God if we deny the right of God to bestow blessings.  If a marriage is based on love and sacrifice who’s to say that God can’t bless it?

Looking into one Scripture example at the end of the Book of John we see Peter having some intense curiosity about the fate of John.  Peter wanted to know if John was to receive a thumb up or thumb down sign from Jesus.  Fittingly Jesus answered that it was none of Peter’s business.

To follow the never ending love of Jesus should have been enough.  When we provide that love it should not be abstract, or conditional.  Love should be real, solid, and making a difference when it matters.