What about Caitlyn Jenner?

As Christians we should be joyful that Bruce Jenner has found her true identify as Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn attended a church regularly before her transition process, so we know she is a fellow sister in Jesus.

“God so loved Caitlyn that he gave his only son so that Caitlyn may have eternal life.”  Didn’t Jesus say when the time comes, unexpected people from east and west will go to the Kingdom of Heaven, while others who would appear to qualify will be rejected?  (Matthew 8:11-12)

What makes someone holy is not about sexual orientation, but faith in Jesus.  For we are all made in God’s image, with similarities and differences.  Jesus said what makes one unclean is not our outer appearance, but when we allow evil thoughts to come out of ourselves. (Mark 7: 18-23)

Which church should Caitlyn visit? Should Caitlyn attend the 9:30 service, or the 11:30 service?  Which small group shall Caitlyn join? Shall we open up a safe place for Caitlyn to worship her Lord?


2 thoughts on “What about Caitlyn Jenner?”

  1. wow, it’s really refreshing to read a biblically centered post supporting caitlyn! love the citations and the kind of questions we should be asking at the bottom.


  2. Randy Tadder, the author of “The Truth Like it or Not” blog, commented that Caitlyn Jenner might be violating Deuteronomy 22:5 again cross-dressing.

    I should mention that Jesus has fulfilled the obligations of the Law, so Christians are no longer bound by them. However, I believe that law was stating that we should dress as who God intended us to be. For a transgender person that is not so easy, because the gender identity is set up opposite of the physical body. It is the gender identify in each of us that determines if we are male or female. Now that Caitlyn has transitioned to a female outer appearance, but we should understand she was female since early in her childhood.

    As a Christian sister, Caitlyn was merely trying to best live out who God intended her to be. We can’t go wrong if we have Caitlyn’s best interest in our heart.


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