Turning the Law into a Way of Living

Laws brings crime and punishment into definition.  Jesus was not into that.  He asked us to find the spirit of the Law and live it out in daily living.

“You have heard that people were told in the past, ‘Do not commit murder; anyone who does will be brought to trial.’  But now I tell you: whoever is angry with his brother will be brought to trial, whoever calls his brother ‘You good-for-nothing!’ will be brought before the Council, and whoever calls his brother a worthless fool will be in danger of going to the fire of hell.”  (Matthew 5:21-22)

Instead of not murdering, Jesus asked us to recognize anger, and to seek reconciliation with our brothers and sisters.  Is this approach harder than not murdering?  Definitely, but seeking reconciliation brings blessings into our lives.

In addition, Jesus told us to do two things as what summarized all of the laws: loving our God with all our hearts, and loving our neighbors selflessly. By looking for the spirit of the law we can love our brothers and sisters more selflessly, and all that was to benefit our spiritual lives.

Heavenly father, thank you for giving us a new life.  May your spirit help us love people as they really are.  Enpower us to free people from hateful prosecutions until your justice extends on Earth as it is in heaven.  Humble us in devotion and worship – glory to our Lord with truth eternal !


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