Supporting Disgraced Christian Singers

In this curious world of Christian worship and song publishing, there is a phenomenon called shunning that could strike even the most hard-working Christian singers.  You could be a very successful singer, but if your marriage failed then that could spell the end of your career.  Declaring yourself as gay could have the same effect.

I guess the typical Christians just could not follow the examples set by Jesus when he blessed a five times divorced women in Samaria. (John 4)

These days I am supporting the disgraced Christian singers whose stories I knew in some depth.  They include Amy Grant, Vicky Beeching, and Jennifer Knapp.

Our small-group is studying the topic on having an intimate relationship with Jesus.  One point that I raised was that if we need to be sin-free before approaching Jesus, then none could do it.  Of course we still need to deal with our sins, but that is a part of our spiritual journey with Jesus.

I want to highlight the song Sweet Will of God by Amy Grant.  This song began with a lady worshiper praising God, but she was singing in a pleading way, sounding pleasant but distant.  Then verse two jump-started with an immediate right there feel.  The singer was still troubled by toil and sin, but Jesus promised to help her and pull her closer.  What a difference that made!

Don’t let the so-called modern Pharisees pull you away from Jesus just because you are divorced, or happens to be gay.  God will have more grace for you because he has seen your suffering!

Oh Jesus I want to give thanks for you are the Sheppard who guide our wanderings on this earth.  Your compassion is reflected in our heart, even when we are still not perfect, and working through our problems.  Help us bring more kindness to this suffering world.  In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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