US Presidential Election Loss

Fear and trepidation.  I heard this common response of Democrats lamenting the result of the US Presidential Election.  For me I am still trying to take it in, what it means for me.  Frankly I was just numb on the first night.

Just to sleep would have been a blessing.  My son came to us in the middle of the night.  Turned out he had trouble sleeping as well.

The next morning I and my wife tuned in to hear Hillary’s concession speech.  I remembered that I had tears when she said “I am sorry.”  The thing that hurt the most were the future and hope that I could see, but they are closed off for now, lost to the side of the history.

During the campaign the one thing I prayed for was the possibility of truth and honest dialog.  I think after the election it remained something that we should strive for.  We as progressives in this wealthy west coast consider peace and justice to be our calling.  However, I have personally struggled with thoughts of rage from time to time.  I do need to reflect on my inner dialogs more honestly!  I suspect my rage pales to the laid-off steel workers in the mid-west.  With places of work closed off, not to old to fade away, but just old enough to wonder about the question of self worth.  Is it a different justice for them compared to our justice?

Ultimately God does not discriminate.  Conservatives’ and progressives’ concerns and hopes matter to our God.  Don’t sparrows wonder where they will be the next day?  Our God will listen still.

Jesus help us in our journey.  We are blinded from time to time – but you guide us in this situation.  We long to be with you.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.


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