About Myself

How should I describe myself?  If you meet me in a church setting and started a conversation with me, you might find me not that remarkable.  My wife said I am a very idealistic person, and I agree with her.  I wanted to seek the truth when-ever I can.  I am also a seeker of God, in everything that our Lord chose to make Himself known.  I love the scripture; it puzzles me, and challenges me at the same time.  I found the Old Testament hard on my soul at times, but with Jesus close to me I try to discern the words.

At grade 9, I started having problem with social anxieties, and this lasted 13 years.  When I sought help I found some compassionate therapists who healed me.  The Holy Spirit helped me at a very crucial moment and I was very grateful for it, because I wasn’t even a Christian at that time.

I started attending ethnic Chinese Bible churches when I was dating my wife.  I enjoyed being in small groups, and doing Bible studies.  I might have stayed in this environment, but the process of volunteering in the 2008 presidential campaign opened my eyes.  The world was much wider than just family couples who worked in tech industries.  I remembered the homeless people. Our volunteers came from all walks of life, including gays.  I realized I was no different from them, for we were all trying to make a better community in a shared effort.

In early 2014 I started attending a local United Methodist Church that was “open and affirming”. Still just helping out whenever I can.  Filling in holes, and don’t create more holes than I started. This is a “Journey in Reflection” that I hope to share with you.



2 thoughts on “About Myself”

  1. Appreciate your post on your feelings and experiences about the election. This is a time for Christians to become really good listeners and to also support the development of a compassionate and caring culture. Thanks for your inspiring words Thomas.


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